Depression Tips from Somebody who Actually Has Severe Depression

  This is not a ‘think positively and you’ll be fine’ post. And yes, I know, I KNOW what I said about hacks and tips here, but I hope these are a little different and a little more realistic. So I’ve been struggling with clinical depression, on and off, for my entire adult life. (I... Continue Reading →



I draw nothing but beautiful faces and figures. My own is showing the signs of age. I was never beautiful, and I defy all those who would tell me otherwise. What I was was pretty. Pretty enough to get by, and certainly photogenic. I'm still photogenic. I can take a nice picture in a decent... Continue Reading →

Not Again

My mother is ill. The general consensus of the medical world is that it is highly likely to be cancer. I haven't even reached the second anniversary of the loss of my father yet. I am not ready to go through this.

Depression: the Game

I was talking with a friend earlier, and we believe depression and/or anxiety and other mental disorders should be made into a game. The basic premise is this: You begin with a certain amount of energy. It is finite; once gone, you have to go to bed and wait it out until the next day,... Continue Reading →

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