I draw nothing but beautiful faces and figures. My own is showing the signs of age. I was never beautiful, and I defy all those who would tell me otherwise. What I was was pretty. Pretty enough to get by, and certainly photogenic. I'm still photogenic. I can take a nice picture in a decent... Continue Reading →


Not Again

My mother is ill. The general consensus of the medical world is that it is highly likely to be cancer. I haven't even reached the second anniversary of the loss of my father yet. I am not ready to go through this.

Depression: the Game

I was talking with a friend earlier, and we believe depression and/or anxiety and other mental disorders should be made into a game. The basic premise is this: You begin with a certain amount of energy. It is finite; once gone, you have to go to bed and wait it out until the next day,... Continue Reading →

Depression Expression: Part II

It's been nearly a year since I first wrote about feeling depressed. I wish I could say things have improved, but they unfortunately haven't. I've just managed to get through Christmas and New Year, barely, and have been a hermit for the past few months. I wish I could see past these feelings and reach... Continue Reading →

Reality Check

Is it time to bite the bullet and abandon acting entirely? I have been trying and failing for over ten years now to get somewhere with it, and am much poorer than when I started; not to mention too short, too old, too fat, and not pretty enough for the industry. I do have talent,... Continue Reading →

Depression Expression

My name is Malloy, and I am clinically depressed. How cold to see it written like that. But what does it really mean? I have, for some time, been suffering with an unavoidable sadness which has enveloped me and suffused me with a despairing, suffocating, black gas. The gas (I should call it a ‘cloud’,... Continue Reading →

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