Guilty Pleasures or Why I’ll Never Stop Cracking My Fingers

It's arguably my worst habit. I started when I was a small child. It makes some people feel sick when they see it or hear it. It's not a habit normally associated with a small and relatively feminine woman, more the trait of a large, muscled gangster giving his knuckles a good pop before beating... Continue Reading →


A Fresh Start

It's time to write about things OTHER THAN DEPRESSION - GASP! I won't pretend I'm better or not still down, but I'm getting anxious to write about different topics in the hope that focusing on other passions will help me. It will certainly help my writing, at any rate. I won't abandon the depression files... Continue Reading →

Happy Mother’s Day

It's the most important and least valued job you can ever have. Calling it a job is, in fact, an insult. It is a calling, even if you didn't realise that at the time. You will fight and kill and die for your children. They are your future, the continuation of your line, and the... Continue Reading →

Depression: the Game

I was talking with a friend earlier, and we believe depression and/or anxiety and other mental disorders should be made into a game. The basic premise is this: You begin with a certain amount of energy. It is finite; once gone, you have to go to bed and wait it out until the next day,... Continue Reading →


Good God, Dad. I miss you so much, it's impossible to even articulate. It hurts. Where are you? Where is the voice of reason in my life that you used to provide? Where is the only man who has ever treated me like a princess? I can't help Mum by myself. She misses you. I... Continue Reading →

The Empty Chair.

I miss him so much. My wonderful, kind, generous, loving, intelligent, ¬†and articulate father passed away on the 3rd December 2014, and my life has irrevocably changed. The hurt I feel at his passing has engulfed me, and my heart has been torn open and exposed. I tell myself my grief is entirely selfish (which... Continue Reading →

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