A Social Media Failure

I tried to win at YouTube but no one liked my stuff,

I tried Instagramming but my art’s not good enough.

I attempted blogging but had nothing much to say,

Plus all my decent posts were depressing anyway.

Facebook just got too much, I had to leave it be

When I saw my ex having so much fun away from me.

I tried Tumblr but I didn’t fit the crowd;

On Twitter, neutrality is simply not allowed.

On Etsy, I tried to sell the things that I created

Learning how to ship stuff just got me all frustrated.

Snapchat didn’t work for me as even with the filter,

My face just looked out of place; my shooting was off-kiltre.

I deleted Tinder after one too many creeps

Plus the constant message ‘ping’ was ruining my sleep.

I tried online gaming to get things off my chest;

Was so bad that nobody would pick me for a quest.

Amazon drop-shipping was a bit of a non-starter-

I’d prefer a part time job which paid me more pro-rata.

I had more luck on Ebay when I wanted to declutter;

Social media has made me a complete and utter nutter.

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