Decorating Decision Disorder

N.B. None of the images in this article are original, apart from the one of my books- if you want to find them, and more about them, they are all pinned to my Pinterest board, Home Decor Inspiration.

I love a dark, moody, dramatic interior. I love a bright, white, Scandinavian-inspired interior. I love a boho, eclectic, maximalist and colourful interior. I like vintage mid-century modern. I like Rococco glam and Neo-Gothic vintage. I like French-inspired shabby-chic charm. I like the industrial, loft/ warehouse sparse and masculine look. I like feminine drapes and fairy lights, dorm-room style.

What I’m trying to convey here is that I suffer from Multiple Personality Decor Disorder (no, it’s not an actual disorder). I have taken those online tests a few times which supposedly determine your decorating style, and I can achieve a different result each time. I just have an unending love of interiors of all kinds (it’s not good when on Pinterest – I can literally get lost in an hours-long spiral if I’m not careful). My Pinterest board is full of designs I love, and I think the only thing they have in common is tidiness and a certain amount of symmetry. Other than that, it probably looks like several different people post to the board depending on which mood I’m in. (I now have an image of my different decorating personalities each having a turn, Inside Out style!)

This poses a problem: I am about to sell my flat and move, and I am having huge decision paralysis as to my preferred style of décor for the new place. White, bright and light or jewel-toned, cave-like and glam? Stripped back and industrial or warm and cosily cluttered? Hippy chic? Maybe one of each in every room haha.

Suddenly having to narrow this decision down instead of wanting and pinning ALL THE THINGS is proving impossible. I’m trying to decide which style is ‘speaking to me’ and the problem is they ALL are. And I prefer different ones each day. (What I really need is about five properties so I can decorate each one differently – maybe one day!) I have voices in my head arguing over paint colours. I think I’ve made up my mind, only to see a new pin of the opposite style then I’m flowing back to the River of Indecision again.

In my current flat this has resulted in two things; a lack of a truly cohesive style, so a rather disjointed look, coupled with a constant urge to rearrange. (Lack of a budget has also contributed fairly heavily – it’s easier to get a look you want if you can afford to pay for it.) The rearranging has in fact driven my parents/ friends/ partners/ child respectively up the multicoloured walls, when, after each rearrange, I declare that This Is It, I have found The One…only to change my mind again two months later. I can’t deny that I find it immense fun and very soothing but it certainly can be frustrating.

STORYTIME: I apparently inherited this trait from my maternal grandmother. I have heard several stories about my grandfather, a man who enjoyed a tipple, returning home rather worse-for-wear in the dead of night, and promptly waking up the household with a loud crash as he tried to navigate a room he thought he knew the layout of, followed by loud swearing and cries of “Flo! You’ve changed the bloody furniture again!” It was one of the main causes of their arguments.

I often wish I had gone down the interior designer route in my career, as perhaps then this would have allowed me to play around more with my myriad of different inspiration without getting dissatisfied with my own space every other month (although it might have made things worse – all that exposure to new design! Swoon!).

I have always loved collecting interiors magazine and home design books. In fact I have some interesting, 90s, very of-their-time Changing Rooms inspired books which are so much fun to flip through (and to cringe at as I realise that OMG I HAD THAT WALLPAPER WHAT WAS I THINKING). Pinterest is obviously a natural extension of this – but I do think it’s part f the problem; there is such a wealth of inspiration out there that it makes choice too difficult. I can’t be the only one with this problem.

A small selection of my design book collection. (Did that rhyme? Yay!)

It’s almost like porn (actually it is porn haha – instant gratification, no commitment, lots of choice) in that it encourages you to constantly seek the new and different and making you less satisfied with what you have. I mean, actually, this is probably true of most social media but I’m not going to get all philosophical about that – it would make me a hypocrite considering I’m trying to make a living via this medium.

It can also be a depressant sometimes – when you realise the live-edge hardwood kitchen countertop which you think is so beautiful will forever be way beyond your price range, and that you’ll always be playing ‘make-do’ instead.

This. Countertop. Sigh.

I know all that, but I won’t stop with the Pinning. Because I love it. Because there’s always the promise of the Holy Grail, the One piece of inspiration which will blow all others out of the water.

In the meantime, I’m creating some fun memories and interesting pictures to look back on at least, with all the various looks I can try along the way. Watch this space (ha see what I did there)!

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