Happy Mother’s Day


It’s the most important and least valued job you can ever have. Calling it a job is, in fact, an insult. It is a calling, even if you didn’t realise that at the time. You will fight and kill and die for your children. They are your future, the continuation of your line, and the continuation of humanity.

It isn’t an easy profession, nor does it ever end. It isn’t 9 to 5, it’s 24/7, for the rest of your life. You will never switch off, never stop worrying about them, never stop wanting to help them. However, you will embrace this and would never seek to change it.They will always come first. Your reward is watching them thrive and knowing you have done that which your DNA required of you – ensured its survival.

Today is your day. Today is the day we children show our respect for everything you do. A card and some flowers could never be adequate gratitude, as we want to move mountains to show we appreciate the security and foundation with which you have provided us. But we know that you know it is the thought that counts. That one moment of validation which will strengthen you for the next year.

Thank you, Mum.

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