A Fresh Start

It’s time to write about things OTHER THAN DEPRESSION – GASP! I won’t pretend I’m better or not still down, but I’m getting anxious to write about different topics in the hope that focusing on other passions will help me. It will certainly help my writing, at any rate.

I won’t abandon the depression files completely, as I do find expressing myself in them to be very cathartic, and they certainly won’t be deleted. But I’d like to focus more on the life, self-help and art side of things in order to find my ‘joy’ again.

I hope anyone reading this won’t mind a slight change of direction (it’s more of a sidestep than a completely new path), but I feel it’s time to reach other readers, improve my voice, and commit myself to becoming the writer I always used to tell myself I would be one day.

I hope you will follow this journey with me.

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