Depression: the Game

I was talking with a friend earlier, and we believe depression and/or anxiety and other mental disorders should be made into a game.

The basic premise is this:

You begin with a certain amount of energy. It is finite; once gone, you have to go to bed and wait it out until the next day, no negotiations.

Your quest is to slay the Depression Demon.

In order to do this, you must go on mini-quests in order to gain experience points and level up to help you fight it.

They include:

  1. Socialisation points for going outside your house with friends
  2. Therapy level ups
  3. Meditation crystals

You can also collect anti-depressants to throw at the creature – they will confuse it and throw it off-course but won’t diminish it entirely without the other factors.

Throughout the quest however, you must carry out daily tasks. They expend your energy, but if you don’t do them, the demon’s health increases and yours decreases. Daily tasks include showering, eating, answering phones, getting dressed, tidying your environment and communicating.

Whilst going about your Dailies and your mini-quests, you may inadvertently stumble into a Panic Attack Vortex. The vortex will decrease your energy but you cannot conquer it; you have to control your breathing until it is gone.

Sometimes, the Depression Demon will strike from behind without warning, and drain all your energy points so you will have to go to bed and begin the game again the next day.

Sometimes, the Depression Demon will be hard to find, and all your Dailies will be done without expending too much energy. On those days, it is good to try and level up. Of course, you may be thrown down by the Outside Criticism Camp – saying you ‘can’t possibly be taunted by this demon – look at you, you’re smiling!’, and things of this nature.

The final boss is obviously the attempt to slay the Demon…but don’t be fooled…you may defeat him but he will return for a sequel.

Be prepared.

The Game is afoot.

Good luck.

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